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    The Black Splitter S2, S2X and SG1 wood splitter attachments are designed to fit all models of excavators. The unique rotating threaded cone provides extremely efficient wood-splitting power for various timber types including hard, soft, straight, twisted, stumps and roots. The two piece chromiumsteel cone with replaceable tip has a double helical thread design with a thread pitch of 24 mm for rapid penetration into the hardest of timber.

    The maintenance-free S2 and S2X attachments are available with three different size motors (630, 800, 800+) to enable adequate power and torque based on individual customer need and/or excavator size. The S2 and S2X are essentially the same attachment, but the S2X has a larger bracket flange, designed to fit larger attachment brackets for larger excavators. For this reason, the S2X also comes with a larger cone than that of the S2 (245 mm dia. instead of 200 mm dia.), which by design both shields and enables the attachment housing to follow the cone into the depth of the timber being split. For S2 or S2X attachments with the 800+ motor, a motor case drain line must be attached to prevent damage to the motor shaft seal due to possible hydraulic oil leakage into the motor casing. The port for the motor case drain line is located behind the adapter flange between the ports for the hydraulic hose connections.

    All Black Splitter attachments are sold with bracket flange, housing, hydraulic motor and cone assembly as complete units. Hydraulic hoses are not included. Excavator attachment brackets are also not included due to the wide variety of excavator bracket dimensions. However, attachment brackets can be readily welded to the bracket flange, which is bolted to the attachment housing. Instructions for safe attachment operation and handling are available in English and German.
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