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LIFTA GREEN TECHNOLOGY Ltd. aims to offer quality products and services to ist customers, in a professional manner, paying attention to the smallest details.What is most precious for us, is that you, our customers, be satisfied with our work together. To achieve this , we put our efforts to constantly maintain high service quality, to give you professional consultations, and select for you the best products suitable for the specifics of work in Bulgaria. Products of proven worldwide quality, sturdiness, easy for work and maintenance, ergonomic, safe, and last but not least having the best possible prices.

The main activity of our company is sales and service of machines and equipment for the forestry and wood processing industry. The start took place in 2010 when we made our first steps as an authorized dealer of PALAX (Finland) firewood processors, which only for a few months took the leading position on the market – position, that we are constantly keeping since then. The reason about this fact is not only the competitive price of the product, but also the product itself. Machines that are strong, fast, simple in construction, easy and cheap for maintenance, and if you add the additional equipment we are making to some of the models for reaching the best effectiveness… the results speak for themselves. And we are constantly aiming to keep the high level and take into consideration your recommendations, so you could rely on the best functionality of your machine. Through the past years we’ve been constantly seeking for other types of machines with similar value for money, to widen the range of products we offer. At present some of the other main products that LIFTA GREEN is offering are JUNKKARI (Finland) wood chippers, UNIFOREST (Slovenia) professional forestry winches, FARMA (Sweden/Estonia) forestry trailers and cranes, etc.

We look ahead constantly thinking of how to self improve and achieving a higher satisfaction of you – our customers, and we will be glad if you share with us you recommendations in this aspect.

about us
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Lifta Green Technology Ltd. 4004 Plovdiv, Bulgaria Address: 15 Kuklensko Shose Str. Telephone/fax: +359 (0)32 678156 Mobil: +359 (0)878 355 076
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