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The main priority of Lifta Green Technology is to maintain fast and high quality technical services for its customers. We rely on the professionalism and experience of our technicians and consultants, that could save precious time for you and make your work easier. The services to which we pay special attention for you are as follows:


- Waranty and after warany service and maintenance of the equipment we offer.
- Technical services on spot – at customer’s place.
- Assembly and mounting of additional equipment to machines, and manufacturing of special orders equipment.

- Consultations concerning the choice of machines and/or equipment, and basic schemes for organizing the working process.
- Consultations and help concerning choice of financing companies and solutions and applying for financing.
- Consultant services concerning applying for EU Financing programmes (external service).

- Repair of electrical machines, electrical motors, etc.
- Transport services.

Lifta Green Technology Ltd. 4004 Plovdiv, Bulgaria Address: 15 Kuklensko Shose Str. Telephone/fax: +359 (0)32 678156 Mobil: +359 (0)878 355 076
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